1973 Porsche 911S


  • VIN number: 9113301122
  • Paint color: Red
  • Interior type: Black

Details and Story:

This 1973 S is an all-original survivor that has covered only 40,000 miles since new. As the story goes Bill McCune, an engineer by education and training worked for Polaroid his whole career and became the President of the company in 1975. Shortly after becoming the President he was the victim of a kidnapping attempt. The New York Times reported this way: “In 1976, there was a kidnapping attempt made against Mr. McCune on a street a few blocks from his Cambridge office. Mr. McCune foiled the abduction by fighting off an armed attacker, taking away his shotgun and chasing the assailant away.” This guy might have been an engineer but he had balls of steel. When Polaroid security arrived they told him if he didn’t have a red Porsche this may not have happened. Bill took it to heart and sold the car to one of his company officers. And then he bought a black one, like any sane Porsche file would do! The car has now outlived Mr. McCune but the story lives on. The car remains completely original, as he purchased and used it, and it is very nicely detailed. Every piece taken off the car is boxed away: sugar scoop head lights, heater hoses, everything. The paint condition is excellent as a 40,000-mile car should showing only a few thin spots from being rubbed on. The 911S is optioned perfectly with Leather Sport seats and Sunroof and runs and drives amazingly. This very well serviced car comes from one of our fastidious collectors and cannot be duplicated. Thank you, Bill!