The 1964 356C of Renée Crist – A Classic Driver

As Collections Manager of LeMay – America’s Car Museum in Tacoma Washington, Renée Crist has sampled every classic automobile you can imagine. So when it came time to purchase a vintage sports car, she had a lot to consider.

The Speedster as Blue Chip

The Porsche Speedster and Carrera models continue to drive the 356 blue chip market. Both these 356 models have become iconic, but for different reasons: the Speedster for it’s alluring minimalist styling cues, and the Carrera for its mythical four-cam engine performance attributes.

Editors Note : April 2017

In our brief April issue we consider collectibles, what makes a Porsche a desirable possession. Through our regular contributor Randy Wells, we meet about Renée Crist, someone who really knows about collectible automobiles as the collections manager