The Road To Pikes Peak: Tire Testing at Road Atlanta

Our engine builder Simon Briggs has carved himself a niche as a Fuhrmann four-cam expert, and can typically be found hard at work meticulously breaking down and rebuilding the notoriously complex engines. Simon’s proclivity for engineering- both in mechanical and technological disciplines- led him to take charge of handling and analyzing the data for the […]

From motorsports to the motorway: The Fuhrmann four-cam engine and the 356 Carrera

Ernst Fuhrmann was one of Ferry Porsche’s first post-war employees and is largely responsible for the beginning of Porsche’s dominance in motorsports in the early 1950s. His brilliant mechanical mind led him to produce one of the most complex but potent engines in Porsche’s history, and one that eventually made its way into 356 road […]