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Issue : April 2015

April Editor’s Note: Amelia Photo Op

“We should take a picture right now! Here in the bar, right this minute. This is such a crowd!” The speaker was a long-time professional chronicler of Porsche history. “Remember," he said, "in the 1960s and 1970s, there were all those great photos of hotel bars...

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Amelia – Outlook from the Island

If the question after Scottsdale was "remember when the car hobby had its seasons," the question that became clear at Amelia was "remember when cars used to be for weekends?" Amelia, with its solid prices for solid cars, great prices for great ones, and realistic...

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Princely Tales

“Prince von Hohenlohe.” Those were the first words after only two rings. I had called the Marbella Club on the Spanish Costa del Sol to reach von Hohenlohe for an interview about his involvement with Porsche and la Carrera Panamericana-Mexico in 1952. I expected a...

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Something Old, Something New: April 2015

Carrera - The Porsche 4-Cam Motor and the Early Years of Porsche Motorsports from the 356 and the 550 Spyder to the 904 Carrera GTS. The Motors, the Cars, the Pilots and the Results for Race Cars Built from 1953 - 1965. Co-written by Rolf Sprenger and Steve...

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Design DNA of Iconic Cars

Amelia Island Concours founder Bill Warner is well known for his fascinating, and sometimes provocative Saturday afternoon seminars. If there has ever been any criticism, some suggest at times he has been too ambitious, inviting too many interesting people to...

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What They Said:

Sunday, 15 March 2015; Amelia Island, Florida Amelia Island Concours visitors walked past Jeff and Terri Zwart's 1971 Porsche 914/6GT Werks coupe. The car finished 3rd overall in the 1971 Rallye Monte Carlo and won its class at Amelia. And what was Jeff's reaction...

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