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Watts Thoughts on the 70th Anniversary Auction

Well, another few auctions have come and gone and overall the results were consistent with late October early November weather, Cold and Damp. We will start with RM/Sotheby’s Porsche sale in Atlanta the take a quick peek at the Porsches for sale a separate Bonham’s auctions in Padua, Italy.
RM/Sotheby’s sale in Atlanta went much as expected with my partner Cam, and my colleagues Tim and Phil attending…

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Market Ramblings

As most you know I follow and absorb any and all available intel on the classic car market that I can get my hands on.

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Monterey Pre-Auction View

Well, gang it’s that time of year. Time for the continuing saga we call Monterey car week. Let the shit show begin.Lots of exciting happenings on the peninsula this year with the events stacked up. The week will kick of on Tuesday the 21st with the Concours on the Avenue, in Carmel, our favorite event. This show is awesome if you’re a car guy;

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Arizona 2018 Commentary

Well, it’s that time of year again and it was my first real outing after that year long vacation and all I can say is not much has changed with the exception of “The Speculators have left the building!” As I’ve been saying the collector car market hit its peak of speculation in 2016 and has been on a glide path down ever since…

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My Two Cents Worth

All things Porsche have had an incredible seven-year run-up in prices, with some really great cars finally starting to level out and even drop in

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New Year’s Thoughts

Well folks, the election is over and whew, what a ride. It doesn’t matter which party you voted for as half my friends are pissed

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Monterey Perspective

Another exciting mid-August week at Pebble Beach is behind us, and it seems the only way to describe it is “same old, same old.” The

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Keep Calm and Carry On

The collector car market as a whole is a worldwide market, and the worldwide economy – as a whole – affects this market, sometimes with

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The Value of a Name

The auction craziness in Amelia with Jerry Seinfeld was interesting, and confusing, and it left me wondering what a name is worth. At the start

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The Delivery

Every blue moon or so you get the opportunity to figure out what your meaning of life is! I was lucky enough to get that

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