Storing Your Collector Cars

Most people do more damage storing their cars than they do driving them. You need to give some serious thought as to where you store your cars. Actually you need to start thinking like someone who collects art or furniture. Here’s a great video that illustrates what’s going on in the art world: You obviously […]

Escapist Literature, Essential Research

The Cobra in the Barn NASCAR racing teams, automobile manufacturers, vintage racers, and automotive journalists know Tom Cotter from a wide variety of occupations that he has filled for more than three decades. But some of those people and most of his friends know him for his much more avid pre-occupation: searching for hidden automobile […]

The Really Truly Last Barn Find. Really. For Sure.

Kevin Watts has spent the past 15 years looking for the proverbial barn find and he really figured they all had been found, the barns and the cars. But, as Kevin explained, “Behold the Last (as of today) Barn Find!” “I got a phone call in late November this year from a fellow in Washington […]

Mr. Clean He Ain’t

My friend Jim Maxwell is a serious Cobra enthusiast; on his days off from his medical practice, he scours junkyards throughout the South in search of old Galaxies, Falcons and Fairlanes, then strips them of their obscure battery cables, radiator clamps and dash knobs so that his own two Cobras can be absolutely factory correct. […]

Going for Pie with Bob Ingram

Bob Ingram began his career in the pharmaceutical industry as a professional sales representative, advancing and earning increasing responsibility to ultimately become CEO/Chairman of GlaxoWellcome. He co-led the merger and integration that formed GlaxoSmithKline, the world’s second largest pharmaceutical company. In 2007 he joined Hatteras Venture Partners, a venture capital firm that invests in early […]

Going for Pie

Decades ago I did my first book, on Otis Chandler’s muscle car collection. Three years later he provided his Harley-Davidson motorcycles for another of my books. During those years I took a couple of overnight driving trips with him. Otis had retired as publisher of the Los Angeles Times but he remained a newspaperman. On […]

Welcome to the first edition of Road Scholars Magazine.

Cam Ingram, Kevin Watts, and I devised the idea of this monthly electronic magazine as a way for us to introduce you – their clients and our friends – to information and ideas that we find fascinating and relevant in the automobile and car-collecting world. Starting with this issue we plan to bring you some […]