1963 356B S Coupe 45,000 miles (numbers matching car)

this vehicle has been


A. Specifications:

Model: 1963 Typ 356B S Coupe Serial Number: 213303

Colors: 6204 ivory; black interior; charcoal carpet

Engine: Typ 616/12; s. n. P705818

Gearbox: Typ 644.

B. Features/options/equipment:

Deluxe steering wheel. Painted not chrome wheels. Ponte Stabil outside mirror.

C. History:

Original college professor owner in Alba MI sold the car with 19,000 miles showing to a local lawyer in early 1980s.

About 18 months later, the lawyer advertised it for sale in AutoWeek and Don Fowler flew up to MI to see it. While in the air, literally, the lawyer sold the car to someone else.

About ten years later, so early 1990s, Don Fowler found car again at Weldon Scrogham’s shop with 26,000 miles on the clock. In the interim Weldon had bought and resold the car at least twice.

D. Condition:

Excellent original condition.

Mostly original paint except hood and rear panel (but original engine lid). All original glass, exterior trim and seals, interior, and rugs

45,080 miles

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1963 356B S Coupe 45,000 miles (numbers matching car)