1967 Porsche 911S Targa (Canary Yellow) SOLD

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This very special 911S was restored in 2009 by German Master Tech in Bend, Oregon for one of their clients to a “driver” level condition. We purchased this car earlier this year and decided because of its rarity, it deserved one of our Road Scholars over the top restorations.

The mechanicals had been very well done and the engine and transmission were excellent. The body had a few paint and fit issues.

As we disassembled the car, we started with the chassis. The underside was the wrong texture and tone of black. This would be fine for a driver – but – we don’t do drivers. We refinished the chassis and engine compartment in factory type texture and color and reinstalled the suspension while adding a few missing details. The correct Koni shocks and original horns were sourced and restored along with a few other key chassis items.

In the engine compartment we refinished the texture and color, then installed a dimpled sound deadening pad before placing the engine and transmission back in.

Once the bottom was done we turned our attention to the body. It needed a lot of attention. The car had some poor prep issues that were beginning to surface and the only way to overcome them was to strip the car. We went over the 911S panel by panel and refinished a lot of poor body work. There is a substantial difference between a $10,000 paint job and a $50,000 paint job. Our team spent hour after hour fitting and massaging the panels for a perfect fit; every gap, every surface. The end result is absolutely stunning.

The interior was well sorted and only needed the seats and dash redone and some minor tweaking.

With our signature Road Scholars restoration, we are pleased to announce that the results speak for themselves: Porsche selected our 911S for their 50th anniversary display at the Pebble Beach Concours De Elegance.


1967 911S “Soft Window” Targa, 1 of 1 with Special Paint in Canary Yellow
VIN: 500369S
49,949 Miles

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1967 Porsche 911S Targa (Canary Yellow) SOLD