1968 Porsche 911S

this vehicle has been


chassis no.
Exterior color
Polo Red
interior color
Black with Houndstooth Inserts
81,277 Miles (Unknown)

“Short Wheelbase SoCal 68S”

The short wheel base early 911S only had a short two-year production run of 1967 and 1968. Most if not all collectors are chasing the 1967 911S because of its first year of production and also 1967 was the only year a short wheel base 911S was brought into the US marketplace. In 1968, US emissions prevented the 911S from coming into the country and we received the 1968 911L instead. The 911L is a very special car and a club racing favorite, but it is not a 911S. In the US the 68 911S is less common and rarer than the 1967 version.  This particular 911S is special because it was brought to Southern California less than 2 years after it was sold new in Germany. So, we have that special combination of a non US 1968 911S that spent its life in Southern California and Texas instead of the harsh weather conditions of Europe. Toss in the original German pflegepass booklet with stamps from 1969 and the additional US Porsche service booklets with stamps dating back to 1970 at Dick Barbour Porsche/Audi in San Diego, CA and you can see why this vehicle is a great example and an exceptional value compared to the current pricing trends with the 1967 911S.

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1968 Porsche 911S