1970 Porsche 911T Targa


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The 1969 model year marked the introduction of a number of important changes in the production of the 911. Perhaps the most important of these changes was the increase in the 911’s wheelbase to make the car more stable at speed and greatly enhance its handling characteristics overall. In order to achieve this, Porsche’s chassis engineer, Helmuth Bott incorporated lengthened rear semi-trailing arms with new axles with constant velocity universal joints. A rear anti-roll bar was included as standard equipment, stiffer torsion bars were installed, as well as shorter rubber springs and shock absorbers. The fenders were flared slightly to accommodate a larger wheel and tire package. In the end, the wheelbase was lengthened by a total of 2.4 inches and drastically reduced the 911’s inclination to oversteer.

Throughout the entirety of its evolution, the silhouette of the 911 has remained an unmistakable shape in automotive design, and the introduction of the Targa top was the solution to the unforeseen complications of removing the early 911s roof. Without the roof, the body did not have the rigidity necessary to support being a cabriolet, so F.A. Porsche and Helmuth Bott had devised a fixed rollbar, and the first Targa model was offered in 1965. In the summer of 1967, Porsche offered a fixed rear window in place of the soft rear window- providing much more resistance to wind noise and protection from inclement weather, and in the process became a beloved fixture in the 911 lineup until the present day.

This 911T Targa is a remarkable example of an all-original, one-owner survivor. It has been perfectly preserved throughout the years and presents in impeccable condition throughout. Just 41,161 documented miles are shown on the odometer, and both the interior and exterior show hardly any evidence of age thanks to the fastidious care of its previous owner.

Long hood 911s are still among the most desirable Porsches to enthusiasts for their purity in design and engaging driving experience, providing a tremendous amount of driving fun at any speed- and with the flexibility of the Targa top to offer the open-air driving experience, this original 911T Targa is a truly exceptional example for the driver and collector alike.



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41,161 Documented Original Miles

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1970 Porsche 911T Targa