1970 Porsche 914-6 (SOLD)

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Our buddy Bob gave us a call a few months back and asked if we bought Porsche collections (since he heard through the grapevine we had just bought another whole collection) and invited us to “Tiny Town, Tennessee” on the outskirts of Knoxville.  We decided to break our own rule of flying (not the first time) on 2 engine, 2 pilot planes, and we jumped on a plane the size of a Porsche 356. The flight was uneventful, until we got to the mountains of western North Carolina…and then, yeehaw! Being tossed around like ping pong balls for 20 minutes made it a joy just to land safely and plant our feet firmly on the ground.

Bob picked us up and things immediately started looking up; it was refreshing to hang out with a guy who’s got so much character, as we drove up an old main street, in a small country community. Pulling up to an old (albeit nicely refurbished) store front, Bob stopped the car and informed us we had arrived.  Since we didn’t need insurance or dental work, what could we possibly be doing at an office on Main Street? Walking through his “store front” door, we found ourselves entering a really cool man cave. This place was full of the toys we remembered as kids: Tonka trucks, pedal cars, vintage signs and, yes, Porsches.  Really cool!

After viewing the cars it came down to brass tacks. The only thing Bob liked doing more than playing with his Porsches was negotiating. After going back and forth a couple rounds, at one point Bob bangs his fist on the desk and exclaims, “I love this sh__!”  Finally, we are down to the last nickel and he tries to make it sting. Well, I hate losing, and we were $2000 bucks apart on a deal so big it was a rounding error. Payback time!  Cam and I told him we would do the deal, but his prized Moto Guzzi sign off an old dealership was leaving with the cars…ouch! Bob and I talk all the time now, and what a class act he is.

The 914-6 is a nice rust free example. Bob took the original engine (which ran fine) out and put it on the shelf. Since he had a 2.7 liter laying around he just spend $7,000 (machining, bearings, chain tensioner update, valves, springs etc.) it was time to put it to use. Like most of us, he couldn’t leave well enough alone and dropped another $12,500 painting the car and replacing shocks, springs, tie rods and brakes. Once the fun was done, Bob drove the car a bit and had nothing left to do to it. He called us and the rest is history. Thanks Bob, great car!




VIN: 9140431545
Built in April 1970
Exterior Paint: Light Ivory (repainted)
Interior: Black leatherette
Miles: 93,456
Motor: 2.7 liter hot rod motor in it now. Original 2.0 liter motor (long block) comes with the car.

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1970 Porsche 914-6 (SOLD)