1970 PORSCHE 914/6

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Exterior color
Light Ivory
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Black Leather

Both Volkswagen and Porsche found themselves in need of a new model in the late 1960s. Porsche needed to develop an entry-level replacement for the 912, while Volkswagen was seeking a top-of-the-line sports coupe to replace the Karmann Ghia coupe. The idea for the project came from Ferry Porsche himself, with the goal of giving young drivers an inexpensive entry into the world of Porsche. An agreement made that dated back to the founding days of Porsche as a manufacturer had Porsche handling the majority of the development work for Volkswagen. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche was head of the design studio at the time, and he and his team were called upon to lead the 914 Project. Heinrich Klie was one of Ferdinand Alexander’s most trusted staff members and was largely to credit for the final design and development.

The 914 was sold by both companies in two different configurations. The standard 914 offered with Volkswagen’s 80 horsepower flat-four-engine and the 914/6 powered by 911T’s 2.0-liter, 110 horsepower flat-six. The additional horsepower and torque of the flat-six earned the 914 a reputation as a highly capable sports car with outstanding handling, a point bolstered by the Works-prepared GT versions campaigned at Le Mans, Daytona, Sebring, and the Nürburgring. Nevertheless, some dismissed it as not being a “real” Porsche due to the joint collaboration between Volkswagen and Porsche. The 914/6’s price tag also rivaled that of the standard 911, leading to just 3,300 models sold across the span of its three-year production run.

Despite visually being a radical departure from the 911, its form is decidedly Porsche. Its low slung body and mid-engine layout draws inspiration from one of the greatest Porsche models ever produced- the 550 Spyder. Today, the 914/6 has become a desirable and highly celebrated classic Porsche model.

When we first learned of this 914-6 nearly a decade ago it was in part of a collection in Tennessee and in its original configuration. When we purchased it, it had been already been upgraded to be somewhat of an OEM hot-rod. The original 2.0-liter engine ran and drove fine, but the previous owner just happened to have a 2.7-liter engine on hand that had just received over $7,000 worth of work in machining, bearings, chain tensioner update, valves, springs, etc. Rather than leave the engine unused, he removed the original engine and installed the 2.7-liter in its place. He proceeded to the suspension and replaced the springs, shocks, tie-rods, and brakes. Finally, the exterior was repainted in the classic shade of Light Ivory.

This hot-rod 914/6 remains in excellent condition both inside and out. The non-metallic paintwork and chrome trim shines brightly and is highlighted by polished Fuchs wheels. Inside, the black leatherette seating and black carpets show minimal wear. Just beyond the leather-trimmed Momo Prototipo steering wheel, a 150 mph speedometer hints at a higher top speed than previously possible with its original engine. The original 2.0-liter long block is included with the 914 if its new owner wishes to return it to its original specifications. No matter what, this 914/6s new owner will be guaranteed to have a blast behind the wheel of one of Porsche’s most favored mid-engined models.


2.7L Engine Swap

Original Engine Included

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1970 PORSCHE 914/6