1989 Porsche 928GT (368 miles) Sold

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In 1989, Porsche upped the ante on their competitors again, delivering their Ultimate Autobahn sporting machine, the 928 GT.

The GT is a special, high performance sport version of the 928 S4 with the upgrades and power to back it up. The drive train features  a revised 5.0 liter 330HP V8 with new intake(same as later GTS),revised cam shafts, shortened shifter and a lightened twin outlet exhaust.

The Sport suspension was standard on the GT as well as lighter, one year only “Club Sport” rims with the widest rears yet at 16×9 requiring rolled fender lips all the way around.

As such, the GT comes only with a manual transmission with the shifter shorted 1″ over the S4’s manual version. Porsche also introduced driver and passenger-side airbags and becomes the first to make them standard across the model line. New low-pressure tire warning system is standard and  the GT and they also got the new electronically controlled Limited Slip Differential.

GT Production began late in the 1989 model year beginning March and ending in June making this model very rare indeed. The total U.S. production is estimated to be between only 70 and 105 produced. Our car is a true time capsule with under 400 original miles and special ordered in Forest Green Metallic with cashmere Leather. This car was purchased from its “Original” owner and has been meticulously maintained. The 928 represents the ultimate touring GT super car with Porsche renowned engineering.  Truly 1 of 1!

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1989 Porsche 928GT (368 miles) Sold