2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS Weissach Package


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Exterior color
Pantone Blue (W50)
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Black Alcantara/ Chalk Leather
29 miles
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Since 1995, the Porsche GT2’s recipe has remained the same: implement the highest degree of motorsport engineering into a 911 Turbo chassis with a significant increase in horsepower, high-performance brakes, a more robust aerodynamic package, a manual transmission, and all of its power transmitted to the rear wheels. With each successive iteration, its tremendous power and superb chassis dynamics continued to cement its place as a true road-legal supercar, and one that demanded all of its drivers’ skills and attention when pushing it to the limits of grip. The 991.2 GT2 RS models built upon this tradition and focused Porsche’s motorsport prowess into the most powerful and advanced iteration to date.

Porsche began with the 3.8-liter engine from the Turbo model, beginning from the inside out. Its compression ratio was lowered from 9.8:1 to 9.0:1 through a new set of pistons, allowing a larger set of variable turbine geometry turbochargers to be used to increase the volume of charge air into the combustion chambers. The engine was designed with a maximum RPM of 7,200, which is high in terms of turbocharged engines. An expansion intake system was implemented over a conventional intake system to optimize airflow and provide cooler air into the combustion chamber. Intermediate charge air coolers with a water cooling system spray distilled water onto the heat exchangers when under high load and reduce charge air temperatures by up to 20 degrees more than what is possible through airflow alone. This ensures ample and consistent power delivery even in extreme conditions. A lightweight titanium exhaust system saves weight while an integrated flap opens under high load to reduce backpressure and further increase power output while reducing fuel consumption. The final output of the GT2 RS’s engine is a massive 700 horsepower and 553 ft-lbs of torque, all channeled to the rear axle. Acceleration is nothing short of spectacular, covering zero to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds and zero to 200 km/h in just 8.3 on its way to its 340km/h top speed.

While the GT2 RS’s immense power figures and straight-line times are impressive, it was always meant to be as capable and composed through the turns. For the first time in a Porsche road car, every chassis joint received steel ball joints to eliminate as much elasticity in the suspension arms as possible and in conjunction with the dynamic engine mounts to dampen and stabilize the engine, the result is a drastic increase in stability and precision. The multi-link suspension arms were derived straight from Porsche’s motorsport parts bin, and lightweight coil springs with helper springs help to increase overall lateral stability. Ride height, camber, track, and anti-roll bars can all be individually adjusted to tailor to the driver’s needs on the race track.

Porsche engineers worked to refine the car’s aerodynamics to further stabilize the car at high speeds. The front bumper features massive intake ducts and a deep chin spoiler, while the front fenders have functional vents that help to increase the downforce at the front end. The massive rear wing, aerodynamic side skirts, and smooth underbody panels with integrated diffuser strakes maximize the downforce and mechanical grip. Carbon fiber was used generously throughout the GT2 RS’s construction and is on display throughout the body. The roof, front and rear decklids, massive rear wing, front fenders, and in the fixed-back bucket seats are all constructed of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic and exposed carbon fiber.

The Weissach package further reduces the GT2 RS’s weight by approximately 65 pounds through the use of carbon fiber, titanium, and magnesium. The magnesium wheels alone reduce the overall weight by 22 pounds and reduce unsprung weight, resulting in even sharper chassis response.

When it came time for testing, 6 minutes and 47.3 seconds was all it took in 2017 for a Weissach Package-equipped GT2 RS to complete a lap at the Nurburgring’s famed Nordschleife with Lars Kern and Nick Tandy behind the wheel. They quickly claimed the title of fastest 911 and broke the road-approved sports car record. They surpassed Porsches target time of 7 minutes 5 seconds by 17.7 seconds, and broke the previous record of 6:52.01 on their first attempt, then proceeded to turn five subsequent laps under 6 minutes and 50 seconds. This example pays homage to the model’s year-long tenure as the fastest production sports car with the “König der Nordschleife” inscription on the door sills.

Produced on October 25, 2018, this example was specified with the Weissach package and finished in paint-to-sample Pantone Blue with exposed carbon fiber elements as a subtle contrast. The interior was specified in Black Alcantara with Platinum Grey deviated stitching. Through the custom tailoring program, the seats were upholstered in Chalk leather with Black Alcantara inlays and ‘Weissach RS’ embroidered in Graphite Blue stitching on the headrests. The door panels follow a similar motif- with the door panels in a combination of Black leather, Chalk leather, and Black Alcantara. Carbon fiber elements continue into the cabin in the steering wheel surround, seatbacks, floor mats, and door sills. The GT2 RS model designation logos were specified in Aluminum Metallic to tie in with the Satin Aluminum wheels.

Tastefully optioned and with just 29 miles on the odometer, it is the perfect balance of brute force and beauty for a new caretaker ready to put its 700 horsepower and motorsports engineering to use.


Paint-to-sample Pantone Blue (w50)

Custom Tailoring Options throughout the interior

Weissach Package

Front Axle Lift

Sport Chrono Package


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2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS Weissach Package