Editor’s Note – October 2018


By everyone’s accounting, Rennsport Reunion VI was the best of all six. It drew a crowd of some 81,500 faithful to Monterey’s WeatherTech Raceway – Laguna Seca for four days of sights and sounds and sensations. We have devoted nearly this entire issue to showing you what caught our attention, through the few words and many pictures of regular contributors Sean Smith and Bruce Sweetman. We are running an astonishing number of photos, more, I believe than we ever have published before: 85 in covering RRVI! We know we are far from first with our coverage, so we hope we offer you some things others may have missed!

Because there just was so much to see! Sean Smith’s close-up photo – above – of one of the shuttle cars used to run visitors from the Paddock up to the Corkscrew will give you a sense of the, well, attention to detail we all know is Porsche. Bruce Sweetman’s image, just below, of a detailer working tirelessly and endlessly cleaning a car, is another inside peek at the event.

Cleaning up for prime time.

On another matter, before this month of October is finished, RMSotheby’s will conduct a 70th Anniversary auction of Porsche cars and memorabilia at the Porsche Experience Center/Atlanta. We have done our usual pre-auction inventory and, as usual, it is the last item in this issue. This time, however, we have approached the pre-sale list differently from our past efforts. We have listed the cars in chronological order – with the lot numbers (as always) to their left. But we wonder if this may make it easier for to you zero in on an object of interest? Please let us know? For our post-auction coverage in November we will list the cars by their lot numbers.

 We hope you enjoy this reminiscence. Thanks as always for reading us!

Randy Leffingwell


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