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Issue : February 2016

Did Someone Yell ‘FIRE!’?

As we wrap up the first multi-house auction week of the year, the only question I have is: "Did someone yell fire?" The movie was playing but no one was in the theater. This past week in Scottsdale left us asking the question, "What's the difference between a...

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The Shop Burned Down – Now What?

Three basic questions we never think to ask: Who is responsible for damage, or theft, while my car is being restored? What sort of insurance does this restoration shop have to protect me against financial loss? What type of insurance should I have on my car while...

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February Editor’s Note

The photograph here summarizes Scottsdale during auction week 2016. When the sales were done, thunderstorms dumped on the region, dense grey clouds remained overnight and through the next day, temperatures dropped, and it became even more clear that the only...

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