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Issue : January 2016

Down the Porsche Rabbit Hole

Everyone’s dream: getting your very first Porsche! But which one? Project 914? C4 Cabriolet with room for golf clubs? Cayenne Turbo S for those epic all-terrain drives to...the mall? GT3RS might be just right for Cars and Coffee. Maybe a 550...but is one really...

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January Editor’s Note

Spoiler Alert: Scottsdale Auctions are Coming! Happy New Year! There’s good news already: If you’re reading this, it means you survived the holidays. It suggests you did not end up experiencing your own version of some movie like TriStar’s creepy Silent Night,...

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In Love. Again. And Again. And Still.

Some people might suggest Jack Gish is fickle. After all, he's been in love so many times. In 1969 Gish was a high school senior, working at his father’s distributorship of industrial fasteners in Howard Beach, NY. A chance meeting with an enthusiastic salesman...

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Can You Trust Your Cars?

Your car collection is your property and you need to give some thought as to the best way to transfer this property to your family upon your demise. That of course assumes that someone in your family actually wants your car collection. You’re on your own there....

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