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Issue : June 2015

Flipping? Much more Rumor than Fact

There is widespread criticism of car-flippers, those who allegedly acquire a car at one auction and attempt to sell it for a quick profit at the next. The survey we made for the poster cars story above recorded 559 specific transactions by vehicle identification...

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Poster Children: A Survey

Many car enthusiasts had a poster on their wall of the car of their dreams. Although you may have forgotten what you imagined yourself driving in those idyllic days of your youth, it’s clear that David Gooding and Rob Myers, and the folks at Bonhams, Russo &...

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Something Old, Something New: June 2015

Porsche 911 Forever Young Written by Tobias Aichele These two books present different approaches to the same story. Aichele worked for Porsche's Presse department and his history of the 911 incorporates countless quotes from interviews done with company engineers...

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Buying at a Monterey Auction

Buying a car on the Monterey peninsula is simple - if you have the necessary money. Actually it's more important that your bank says you have the money. You will need to do some homework though, since every auction house is different. Some are very stuffy and very...

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June Editor’s Note

May has been a momentous month: Christie's Auctions during three days of sales, sold $1.36 billion of artwork. Individual pieces sold for $30+M, $50+M, even $179.4 million, establishing a new highest-price ever paid at auction. How it happened - with Christie's...

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