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Issue : March 2015

March Editor’s Note

Welcome to the second issue of Road Scholars Magazine. In this we will offer you a thoughtful look at our car hobby from former auction specialist (and then founding curator of the Mullin Automotive Museum) Andrew Reilly. Elsewhere in this issue you will read...

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Something Old, Something New

Automobile Design: Great Designers and Their Work This book first appeared in 1970, published by Robert Bentley. It provides excellent profiles of 11 of automotive history's greatest design engineers. It is produced by some of the finest historians at the time,...

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Jeep, there’s only… err, two.

My patient and strong soul mate, albeit she who must be obeyed, was giving me The Look. Firm and steady as the Sphinx. Nothing life-threatening, you understand, yet oratorically composed which meant she was quite ready to pounce on her husband’s perceived insanity....

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The White Glove Obsession

It’s common in the world of fine art. It’s S.O.P. – standard operating procedure – among those who handle antiquities, historic documents, or archeological relics. Wear white gloves to handle delicate materials, to touch those objects that might be harmed by human...

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Scottsdale Reality Check

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service defines a hobby as "an activity not engaged in for profit." The 2015 Scottsdale auction results suggest that hobbyists may be an emerging trend. And if these results have a theme, that might be reality check. To long-time auction...

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