Durham Tribute 911R Side

The 1967 911 R was one of the vehicles that was in the Ingram collection during the Spring 2019 Fire. It came through with virtually zero damage. a true survivor. The Durham flag was added to the RS logo and the side silhouette of the 67 R. Durham strong.

All profits from the Road Scholars 911R tribute shirts will go directly to the DURHAM ONE FUND. The Durham One Fund was established to support the individuals and families impacted by the explosion in downtown Durham on April 10. We join many other community leaders, local government, and nonprofit organizations in our deep commitment to response, short-term and long-term, as we work together to help re-build lives impacted by loss, injury, and disruption. If you would like to learn more or make an additional contribution to the DURHAM ONE FUND please click here.

-RS logo and Durham flag colors on front left chest
-911 R side profile with Durham flag on back.
-60% cotton 40% polyester



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