1956 Porsche Speedster – Excellent Late Production Pre-A


  • VIN number: 81123
  • Engine number and type: 4095562
  • Paint color: Red
  • Interior type: Beige Letherette
  • Production finish date: November 30, 1955

Details and Story:

Here’s a great example of a very late (November-1955) build in a rare Pre-A Speedster. The previous owner tells us it is a no-hit car with all of its original panels and floor pan still intact when he had Dale Erdman strip the paint off in 2010. The car body was virtually free of damage or rust. The only thing that needed to be replaced was the battery pan from acid leaking from the battery. The body has exceptional factory gaps; the doors make that “ting” sound when you shut them; and the proper fit-and-finish all over this car makes this a rare Pre-A indeed. The tan interior and top were well done by Tony Garcia and are in excellent condition showing virtually no wear.


This is one of only 301 Pre-A Speedsters to be equipped with the (then) new 356A Typ 616, 1600cc motor used between September and December 1955 and labeled by the factory as 1956 model-year cars. The 1600 Typ 616/1 added five horsepower to the 1500cc-engine equipped cars and these had the all-new three-piece case. This Speedster comes with two engines. There is a stock Typ 616/1 (#60339) that was completely and never installed. The 912 engine currently in the car was “smoked-over” so it develops almost double the stock factory horsepower. So you can “get it done” in this classic! To help keep the added horsepower under control a 1958 356A steering box and an updated master cylinder/reservoir were added with this Hot Rod motor. These tackle the only real faults of a Pre-A: they had tractor-like steering and they couldn’t keep up; but the original pieces are included should you desire to restore it. The finishing touches are the original toolkit, owner’s manual, and fuel gauge(stick) that are simply made of unobtainium! This is a terrific Speedster to enjoy on sunny days, and to satisfy that itch that needs scratching without spending double the money for a concours trailer queen or to mark the retro Mille Miglia off your bucket list. This is simply the best pre-A, with excellent fit-and-finish, that we’ve seen in many, many years. 

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