1965 Porsche 356 Cabriolet – One Owner Past 50 Years


  • VIN number: 160868
  • Engine number and type: KD*P*700613
  • Paint color: Black
  • Interior type: Black

Details and Story:

Originally purchased from Brumos, this 1965 “C” Cabriolet represents everything that we love about about Porsches. The original owner purchased this triple Black Cabriolet in 1965 and only 2 years later traded it in for a new 912. In 1967, Air Force pilot Lynn Anderson was training in nearby Valdosta, Georgia and like so many other Porsche enthusiasts, he just HAD to own one! Lynn purchased the Cabriolet from Brumos and drove it home to Georgia and then to Arizona, where he finished training. Upon completion of training, he and the Cabriolet were shipped to England, where he would spend the next four years touring Europe. In September of 1969, the Cabriolet was serviced at the Porsche factory in Stuggart. At that time, the car received engine KD*P*700613 and was fitted with a hardtop for those cold winters. Returning stateside in 1972 with a growing family, Lynn delegated the Cabriolet as the family’s third car. Between 1980 and 1990, the Paterak Brothers rectified a rusty battery pan, along with a few other small spots, and repainted the car. They also replaced the carpet, leaving the rest of the interior original.  In 1995, the car was shipped to North Carolina and has been driven sparingly. Lynn has decided to part with his beloved Cabriolet and we are honored to have it. The history is fantastic and undisputed, the color combo is as rare as they come, and the drive is amazing. I love a car that has been lovingly cared for and driven!

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