1965 Porsche 356C Cabriolet – Completely Original Survivor


  • Vin #: 160873
  • Engine #: 714639
  • Transmission #: 80924
  • Miles: 101,000
  • Exterior: Dolphin Grey (Special Paint)
  • Interior: Black

Details and Story:

If you start looking around for a classic 356 you notice they are all restored to one degree or another and have you ever asked yourself why? The answer is really quite simple as it’s much harder to maintain a car than to replace one. Look in your driveway and be honest about what you see. Are your going to own it and preserve it forever or is it just your next trade in. Classic Porsches weren’t always classics and very few have been properly maintained and all of their originality persevered. This is one of the very few!


On September 26, 1965 John Engels made the eight-mile drive to his local Porsche dealership to pick-up his new 356 C Cabriolet. He special-ordered the car in Dolphin Grey, adding chrome wheels and seat belts. He took the car home and there it remained for the next 50+ years! At first only John drove the car; decades later his son got his chance. The dry southern California climate has preserved this car like none we have ever seen.


Documentation on this car is very cool. John showed the 356 Cabriolet in a concours d’elegance once in August 1971, at the Hollywood Bowl! A local pipe shop used it in their advertisements (and we have one of these ads in the paperwork.) The Shaler Company (think Lucas-type oils) wrote him a note suggesting what oil would work best in his Cabriolet. The original window sticker, service book, and original tool kit are all included (though a few tools are missing) and all these items back up the story on this car.


The car is untouched and has never even been concours detailed so it remains incredibly original. The original paint is spectacular! None of the trim has ever been removed, and the finish on those parts is exemplary! In all these years of buying, selling, and restoring the best Porsches out there, the condition of this car makes it even more remarkable. Wow! The only place this could have survived was in John’s garage.

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