1968 Porsche 911S – Project


Vin #: 11800240

Engine #: 4080264 (Type 901/02)

160 hp @ 6600 rpm

132 ft-lb torque @ 5200 rpm

Transmission #: 4280254 (Type 901/02) 

5 Speed

Miles: 24,531

Exterior: Blood Orange 

Interior: Black Leather

Price: $100,000



This is another one of this cars we’ve held onto for years. This 1968 911S is the rarest of all the S models produced with only 1,267 assembled for the world! Blood Orange was simply the best color option in this period, and the car came with a black leather interior and Sport Seats (though those are long gone). It’s 90% complete. Options included a gas heater, electric rear window defroster, and limited slip, along with factory Fuch’s alloy wheels. This car is exceptionally solid but it underwent a color change sometime in its life. This is the perfect, easy  – and worthwhile – restoration candidate

Original Customer: Ernst Schuler from Siegen, Germany.
Special Options:
  • Webasto heater
  • Tinted window glass
  • Electric heated rear window (Rare option)
  • Rear window wiper (Rare option)
  • Recaro Sport Seats in Leather (Rare option)
  • Two headrests
  • Limited slip differential
Porsche 911S Production numbers (includes coupe and targa):
1967: 4,140
1968: 1,709 (1968 the lowest production year for the 911S model)
1969: 2,106
1970: 2,473
1971: 2,218
1972: 2,739
1973: 2,355
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