1973 Toyota Celica ST – Only 22K Miles


  • VIN number: RA21132628
  • Miles: 22,811
  • Engine type: 2.0 Liter
  • Paint color: Brown Metallic
  • Interior type: Brown

Price: $24,500

Details and Story:

The Arab Oil embargo (it hit hard in October 1973, in case you’ve forgotten) did more to introduce the smaller Japanese cars to an oil-starved nation than anything. And their high quality and ever-improving styling took it from there. Toyota  introduced the new Celica models to the U.S. market mid year in 1971. Upon first sight, the Mustang-copy comparisons took hold and they laughed at the smaller Japanese versions of American cool.  Others that watched the pony cars grow and bloat out of proportion appreciated the Celica’s long-hood/short-deck proportions and it’s 2+2 seating, as the Mustang had done. Toyota’s longstanding plan of perpetual upgrading was in effect with the Celica; just one year into its life in America, the company already was planning for upcoming emissions legislation at home as well as in the U.S., and it introduced the larger, smoother 2.0-liter 18R-C engine. Toyota also made a floor-shifted three-speed automatic transmission an option. Their fuel sipping 2.0 liter  engine provided good performance compared to their American competitors and Toyota’s reputation for reliability made it hard for converts to switch back to less reliable America metal.

This 1974 Toyota Celica ST listed for $3,349 before the optional automatic transmission. Amazingly this car has traveled a mere 22,000 miles since 1974,  and it is in the kind of immaculate condition of a high quality car used so sparingly.  To find an early example of a Japanese sports coupe is hard to do. To find an all original example in this condition will only happen once! So here’s your Once-In-A-Lifetime chance!

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