1994 Porsche Speedster – Only 31 Miles (Sold)


  • VIN number: WP0CB2960RS465454
  • Paint color: Speed Yellow
  • Interior type: Black

Details and Story:

This 1994 Speedster is the finest in existence and it is more of a tale of the previous owner’s pursuit of perfection than a quest for 911 sales. In the early 1990’s the economy was in shambles and Porsche, as a stand-alone company, was dying. Sales were at crushingly low levels, exchange rates were high, and the company needed a way to get someone, anyone, to walk through their showroom doors. The Speedster was their answer. While Porsche manufactured only 427 of the Typ 964 Speedsters, this rare Speed yellow version is one of only two assembled with an all Black lightweight interior option instead of the usual multicolored accents. This car was ordered for one purpose: to be shown in the Porsche Clubs’ Porsche Parade concours to win the coveted 1994 Manhattan Trophy. The Manhattan Trophy was the PCA’s top honor; only one car every year could win it. It went to the best car on the field. Weldon Scrogham’s G & W Motorwerks out of Waynesboro, VA seemed to have a lock on it, winning it four years in a row. Their client Charlie Hunter is renowned in the Porsche world for always having the best car available. As the story goes they would completely inspect the car and if the A-arm had a mark or nick (which all of them did) they would order ten of them, pick the best one, and return the others. They repeated this through out the entire car! They would spend more than $100,000 in man-hours and perfect parts prepping a car on the way to the only Trophy that mattered in their Porsche world. They also say this is the reason the Manhattan Trophy went away. The other restorers complained that they couldn’t beat the “new” cars being shown. The final year of the Manhattan trophy was 1995 and to prove a point Weldon showed Charlie’s 550 Spyder (chassis # 075) instead of a “new car” and it kicked ass once more. That was it for the Trophy. The other also-rans whined and complained so much the trophy it had to die. This car is now the last surviving car to win the coveted honor as 550-075 succumbed a garage fire in the late 90’s. This is the finest Porsche on the planet with the pedigree to prove it. What’s more, it has covered only 31 miles in its entire life.

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