2009 Foose Coupe – 300 Miles & Flawless!


Details and Story:

In 1990 when Chip Foose was just another senior at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, he got a project assignment to design a car for a niche market. I’m pretty sure no one had any idea the “Foose Coupe” would be that car. Out of the mind of the now famous hot rod builder, onto paper, and then as a scale model, the Foose Coupe took the hot rod world by storm.

The Foose Coupe became reality slightly more than 15 years later. Foose assembled just five of the cars and none are alike. Chip still has the first car. This example represents the last and final Foose coupe built. The Coupe is simply stunning from every angle! The fit and finish are exceptional. The full carbon fiber body is laser straight and the paint is blemish free. The suspension was designed and built by Hotchkiss, so the Coupes are as competent on the track as they are comfortable around town. The engine on this coupe is also one of kind. Chip’s friend Jack Roush built this 460 horsepower fuel injected monster and it is the only Ford powered car routed through a five-speed ZF transaxle to get that power to the ground. The interior is minimalist in concept and execution, and almost every button and switch is hidden. This is simply nuts! The crazy attention to detail is how Chip made his name in the car world and the execution is how he keeps it. This Coupe has accumulated fewer than 300 miles on it since it was delivered in 2009. This is the only Foose being offered today so it’s a rare opportunity indeed. It is way overly detailed, wonderfully over powered, and fantastically over the top.

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