Restoration team interview on 904-078


The restoration of 904-078 is the culmination of over 3,000 man-hours of restoration work and countless hours of research.

The decision was made early on to restore 904-078 to its exact specifications as when it claimed a first in class victory and fifth place overall finish at the 12 Hours of Reims on July 5th, 1964.

In Concours restorations such as these, it is imperative to stay as true to the original construction and techniques that were used in period and to pay particular attention to the details that are so often lost in over-restored cars. In this case, it was crucial to retain the somewhat crude construction of the fiberglass bodywork, as well as truly nail the texture and gloss level of the single-stage paintwork, among many other details. Restoration manager Danny Omasta and Cam Ingram visited the two most original 904 examples in existence to study them in detail inside and out to gain valuable data points to ensure that 904-078’s restoration was as accurate and faithful to the original as possible. Luckily, since 904-078 was such a highly original example prior to the restoration, the team was able to retain the vast majority of the original components throughout the restoration.

In the week preceding the Pebble Beach Concours, the individuals responsible for 904-078’s restoration sat with Mr. Ingram to discuss some of the challenges they faced and the unique aspects of this project.

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