Restoration notes.

This is the 1963 Carrera Cab that we restored and showed for one of our best clients at the 2008 Porsche Parade in Charlotte, North Carolina. The car won the Zuffenhousen award, scoring 295.1 out of 300 possible points.

This car was featured on the cover shot of the 1987 356 Registry Holiday article in Excellence Magazine (November/December 1987). Back when Excellence covered all things things Porsche and not just new cars/911 outlaws. The Car won the special production class at the event and was owned by Dr. Lawrence Tree (well known Porsche enthusiast/collector). The car was shown in Ruby Red paint and tan interior/top.

Upon researching the car, we quickly realized this car was special ordered from the factory in Condor Yellow. Not only was the car rare (1 of 19 356B Carrera 2 Cabs) but also ordered new in a special paint color. The car was delivered to North Shore Imports in Chicago and sold new to Ray Staz from Michigan Ave.

Once we started soda blasting the car, we realized that it was truly a 40,000 mile car with a no hit body (just incredible). We found the original Condor yellow inside the back of the rear door post and the engine insulation was original (specific to Carrera 2s). Even chrome trim was original on the car. It was a true unmolested 40,000 mile car with a signature 1980s color change (red again).

After the show, we completely stripped the car back to bare metal and repainted it. Let’s just say, it will score higher than 295.1 on its next outing.