After Hours Walkthrough


At any given time, our showroom and workshop are bound to have a few special cars residing inside them. 

Recently, it has begun to resemble the starting grid of a Le Mans Classic race. Not just one, but two time capsule 550s side by side is an arresting sight, especially when they are flanked by a pair of competition proven 904 Carrera GTS examples. Four finely tuned four-cam machines in the same location is something normally reserved only for an event like Luftgekühlt or Four-Cam Jam. 

Next door in the shop, five of the most dominant forces in the under two-liter class all in the same room. Two 911L Trans-Am racers, and three 906s with significant race history and provenance. 

We couldn’t help but create a video to commemorate the rare opportunity to have these incredible historic machines together in a single location.

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