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At Road Scholars we always are trying to improve. And sometimes, improving our client’s experience may mean we take something away in order to create something new.

We are adding to our website a new section that  – simply put – is our “Private Reserve“.

Curators and collectors have enough faith in us and our processes to entrust us with acquiring vehicles for them and, when the time comes, selling for them the finest examples of truly collectible automobiles found anywhere in the world.

Over the past few years we have learned of more than a few scams. Often these have incorporated photographs of our cars represented by others and advertised for sale throughout the world.

Honestly, there is no way to fully prevent this in the modern world.

But we are trying.

And so, our Private Reserve is just that: Private.

All of our photographs in Private Reserve are watermarked. For access to our Private Reserve, you must log in with your email and a password you create in order to view this special inventory. We promise you confidentiality in compliance with the latest worldwide standards.**

Our regular, easily accessible inventory will not require a log in. And you still will be able to view cars we already have sold without logging in. These can give you a sense of where the collector car market is heading, and where it has been

The truly rare and exceptional automobiles that we acquire from some of the finest collections in the world only will be offered here – exclusively – in our Private Reserve.

These always are vehicles that we own or have under exclusive contract.

We invite you to log in and enjoy.  Please go to and follow the introductory instructions to register, and then to see what Private Reserve has available.


*If you are media and have registered with Road Scholars for editorial purposes including verifying your e-zine or print publication, we will make high-resolution images – or those that meet your web needs – available on request.

**If you are a broker representing a bona fide client, higher quality images may be available upon approval. Images will be available, upon registration, for a period of seven days following download. After seven days, access will be blocked until re-registration.


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