We sell, restore and service historically significant collectible automobiles, with a speciality in Porsches.
We service clients all over the U.S. and have locations on the East and West Coast.

Are you a car nut like us? Have you gone through the grinding back and forth of buying a collectible car? The Internet was supposed to change all of this, but in reality may have made it worse.

How can a prospective buyer possibly sort through the vast variety of cars available for sale? How can anyone be sure of the quality, authenticity, and provenance of what they are investing in?

At Road Scholars, we have the experience and focus to provide exactly that assurance.

Our benchmarks are rarely achieved by others and are constantly moved higher with each and every car we touch. From impeccably researched inventory to perfectly restored concours winners, Road Scholars is continually resetting the bar in the collectible car community.