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We are passionate about authentic restoration work and undertake only concours-winning restorations. As the study of the automobile and car collecting has just entered a new era of appreciation, it’s also clear that automobile restoration has evolved as well. The auto restorer’s job now is to conserve each project as a historical and cultural artifacts.

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our hope is that the people at porsche who built these cars would be proud to know that their legacy is living on.

restoration process

Beyond expert restorations of metal, paint, interior, metal trim, engine, and transaxle, we extensively research each project. We compile a complete history of the car and document its provenance.

During a project, we provide monthly progress reports accompanied by digital photographs. At the end of the restoration, customers receive a binder that completely documents the history of the car and its restoration. The binder also contains important documents such as a Porsche Certificate of Authenticity and factory Kardex (build and delivery sheet).

A unique advantage that we have at Road Scholars Restorations is our exclusive research access to a 50-plus Porsche collection that features all-original cars.

We care very deeply about getting the details right on each project and that means using original parts. Sometimes we have to machine parts to the exact specifications of the original units because of the scarcity of a particular part.

Quality metal work is perhaps the most critical part of the restoration process. It is the foundation that provides longevity for a finished project.

We are very fortunate to have two incredibly talented craftsmen in house, whose skills trace back to the golden era of coach building in the United States.

Our staff work in an equipment-rich facility, and utilize the lost techniques of power hammers to create any desired shape.

Metal work is a term that is thrown around loosely in the world of automobile restorations. There is a distinction between metal fabricating and coach building capabilities.

Our coach building services include:
  • Aluminum construction and gas welding panels
  • Complete body and chassis fabrication from scratch
  • Metal finishing for paint
  • Bucks that are constructed from the latest laser scan technology for precise accuracy.
  • All restoration projects are performed on a surface type fixture/jig to ensure accurate measurements of factory tolerances for both body and chassis.
  • Machine shop: milling machines, water jets and Cad systems
  • Classic car wood frames repair and construction

Interior work and chrome plating are the only two areas of restoration that we don’t perform in-house. We use a interior trimmer that fabricates each interior from new and pays attention to the original construction methods with each project.

We have sourced all the original factory materials and we put them together even better than the factory did, which perhaps unfortunately is what is required for Concours Victories.

Our engines and gearboxes are built in-house by our own mechanic. All of our restorations run as well as they look – which is to say, great. We typically put 200 plus miles on each restoration project after completion to ensure the car is properly sorted and performs as it did originally.

We practice the tried and true methods of paint prep to ensure long lasting results of flawless paint.

Each job starts with hours of metal preparation and epoxy primer to lay a stable foundation for painting an automobile.

Thus, each project ensues with priming and block sanding with all panels in place. This requires assembly and disassembly at each stage of the blocking process. We fit all the exterior trim and proper seals to allow for precise fitment upon assembly of the project.

Our environmental controlled down draft paint booth also allows us to produce the perfect painting conditions.

Our Paint Services include:

  • All Glasurit paint products (22 and 55 lines)
  • 3M products
  • Media blasting for parts and complete cars
  • Proper undercoating and undercarriage finishes
  • Engine sheet metal paint work

At Road Scholars Restorations, we go beyond the restoration phase to offer comprehensive Concours preparation services. That means you can enjoy the experience of the highest-level competitions, while you leave the details to us.

Our seasoned crew has dealt with the pressure and logistics of prestigious concours events, and we have the awards to prove it.

Our competition prep services include:

  • Transportation to and from the event using our private truck and trailer
  • Pre-show detailing
  • Show attendees
  • and more