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Concours Restorations


Since 2008 Road Scholars has won over 50 awards

We are passionate about authentic restoration work and undertake only concours-winning restorations. As the study of the automobile and car collecting has just entered a new era of appreciation, it’s also clear that automobile restoration has evolved as well. The auto restorer’s job now is to conserve each project as a historical and cultural artifacts.

Since 2008, Road Scholars has won more than 60 awards, including Best in Class at  Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and recognized by the Historical Vehicle Association for excellence in automobile preservation work.

Concours Awards

Restorations Completed

Restorations In Progress

The Restoration Process

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Metal Fab, Body Work, Paint


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Final Assembly


We undertake only concours-winning restorations and focus on only a few projects at a time. This means our restoration shop is highly organized and allows us to focus on every minute detail of the project. Our goal is to restore each car the way it came from the factory and not create fictional history (over restoration). It’s this attention to detail about which we are most passionate.

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