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Issue : May 2019

Where do our treasures go when they retire?

Photos by Brian Rozar American Express, in its Departures magazine for May/June 2019 has caught on to something automobile enthusiasts and collectors have known for perhaps fifty years. In a back-of-the-book feature titled “In High Gear” writer Brett Berk observes...

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Luftgekühlt 2019 Goes Hollywood

Photos by Randy Wells and Andrea Wells Last weekend’s Luft 6 was an opera and a treasure hunt.   All the elements were there. A welcoming overture, some amazing props, enthusiastic actors, a musical score, an aria, an enticing libretto, some drama, a hero, and an...

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Is it genetic, or is it environmental?

My first 911Photos by Sean Smith How does something as simple as car become so important in your life that it verges on a religious experience? It takes you from point A to point B, it carries your stuff, it leaves you stranded by the side of the road, and it...

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