October Editor’s Note

This October issue arrives on the heels of a great event for Porsche and a disaster for Volkswagen. It’s difficult to completely divorce the two because the VW scandal was the 800-pound gorilla lurking around Monterey and Laguna Seca. It led to several dozen VW and Porsche executives and board members canceling their plans to […]

Tom Gloy’s Lean-To Treasure

Tom Gloy has a philosophy about collecting. “I only want a small collection,” he says. “I want to be able to drive them and I don’t have a large storage space. So I keep it to a limited number of cars, and I try to have the best…” By “the best,” he doesn’t always mean […]

Rennsport Reunion

Walking into the event very early, a first timer asked “I’ve never been to one of these; what should I look for?” The Rennsport veteran paused, trying hard to answer adequately without giving too much away. He looked at the newcomer. “You look like you’re old enough to remember The Beatles. Let me put it […]

Original Doesn’t Mean Original

At one point every car was original. That was the day it was driven out of the assembly plant. Over the years things were changed. At the very least the original oil and brake fluid were changed for fluids with a modern chemical composition. If the car was actually driven then the brake pads have […]

SEARCHING FOR SALT – All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go At Bonneville Speedway

Want to go 200 mph? Call 911. That’s what Tom Woodford of California feels like doing after being denied a chance of attaining that magic number at Utah’s Bonneville Speedway for the past two years in a row. In September 2014, Woodford trailered his newly modified 1975 911 from California to the “World of Speed” […]