May Editor’s Note

From looking at Road Scholars Magazine in this and the past two issues, you easily might think we’ve fallen in love with Florida, or just discovered it! Florida has had a vibrant automobile culture since World War II. From racing statewide, to concours and show events on Amelia Island and in Miami, to the mecca […]

Porsche Essence Tuned to 11

1970, August, the South of France: The Blueprint for Singer. Five-year old Rob Dickinson was on holiday with his parents, chugging along the Auto Route in a VW Beetle. A 911 Targa shot past them. His father said, “That’s a 911.” The die was cast. From that day on, Dickinson has been obsessed with the […]

The Miami Beach Concours – Cars and Clothes

Seven days and 385 miles was the distance between two very different concours events. The first event was held on Amelia Island, which might as well be in Georgia. The second event was in Miami, which might as well be in South America. They had cars at both events but that’s where the similarity ends. Miami has […]

Patina Poetics…

For San Diegan John Straub, it’s always been about Porsches. Before he could drive, his dad used to drop him off at local autocrosses to take photos. That’s where young Straub noticed that Porsche Speedsters were faster than all but the most powerful Cobras and Corvettes. Right then, aged 14, he resolved that a Porsche […]