5 Minute Synopsis: The $60,000 X85 Option


Before Porsche ended production of the 964 Turbo in late 1993, a batch of 93 964 Turbos were sent off to Porsche’s Exclusive department to be upgraded to “S” specification. 76 were delivered worldwide with the distinguished flattened front end which pays homage to the legendary 935; ten X83 units were sent to Japan, 39 X85 units for the American markets, and 27 throughout the RoW (rest of world) market. Today these cars are exceptionally rare, immediately recognizable and highly coveted. 

Aside from the telltale flat-nose, what exactly did buyers get when they selected the $60,000 X85 option? In this video, Tim Kuhn elaborates on what makes these cars stand apart from the rest with a 5-minute synopsis. 

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