The Back Story:

As you might recall in the middle of 2017, we had the pleasure of assisting with the  acquisition of one of most original 550 Spyder’s (550-0090) in existence for one of our favorite clients. Once it was shipped to our main campus, our service department performed a total mechanical service to ensure this time capsule was running properly as our client has full intentions actually driving it. After services were performed it was immediately shipped to the Atlanta Porsche Experience Center to be displayed in one of the exhibits for remainder of the year. During delivery to Atlanta, Cam Ingram took the opportunity to give it one last test drive before realizing the transmission felt like it was beginning to fail. Something we could not have predicted in its all original state. Unfortunately after getting  the car back in early December we were informed it was to be shipped to California in middle of January to Peterson Automotive Museum for “The Porsche Effect” exhibit, giving us a short time frame to complete a transmission rebuild on a 59 year old original transmission. Fortunately for us  this wasn’t our first rodeo and with a guy like Simon Briggs as our shop foreman it was something we had complete confidence in. Here is a short video we thought our readers would like to see of Simon putting the engine and transmission back together days before departure.