Zuffenhausen Award



Porsche Club of America Parade National Concours, Keystone, CO

Award Date:



1963 356B Carrera 2 Cabriolet


295.1 out of 300 points

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Awards Write up

2008 was special year for Road Scholars.

It was a validation of our original ideas about what kind of shop we wanted to be. From the beginning, we set out to undertake only award-winning restorations. But until we won our first award, that was only a working theory.

On June, 28, 2008, in Charlotte, NC we tested our theory. We showed our first restoration at our first show and we won.

This car was featured on the cover shot of the 1987 356 Registry Holiday article in Excellence Magazine (November/December 1987).

Upon researching the car, we quickly realized this car was special ordered from the factory in Condor Yellow. Not only was the car rare (1 of 19 356B Carrera 2 Cabs) but also ordered new in a special paint color. The car was delivered to North Shore Imports in Chicago and sold new to Ray Staz from Michigan Ave.

Once we started soda blasting the car, we realized that it was truly a 40,000 mile car with a “no hit” body.

We found the original Condor yellow inside the back of the rear doorpost and the engine insulation was original (specific to Carrera 2s). Even the chrome trim was original on the car. It was a truly unmolested low mileage car with a signature 1980s color change.

After the show, we completely stripped the car back to bare metal and repainted it.

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