April Editor’s Note


In some senses, the Amelia Island auctions provided bidders, sellers, auction houses, and observers with a bit of a reality check. To continue the metaphor we used in our March preview story, the electricity came back on. There was spirited bidding in the tents and ballrooms. Good cars offered at no reserve commanded solid prices (though once more, modest or imperfect cars likely disappointed their consignees.) However, across other marques and among the most special vehicles, bidders came to northeast Florida with letters of credit matching their ambitions. Buyers were in the rooms, and they set world records with their purchase prices. Our auction wrap up below provides chapter and verse. And commentator Kevin Watts offers a perspective on the value of a name when added to a collector car.


Elsewhere in this issue Richard Newton asks – in discussing the concept of and need for stewardship – if what we have in our garage is really our car or something we’ve invented, by intent or through neglect. This month, Porsche’s Typ 991/2 fitted with turbochargers arrives in dealerships in models called Carrera and Carrera S. In response, Randy Wells reminds us of the days when a turbo was a True Turbo. Bruce Sweetman offers those of us who attended Amelia Island a reminder of what we experienced and he presents those of you unable to make it a verbal and visual “postcard” of the long weekend. Lastly, we wrap up sales results that include the estimates we published in March.

Randy Leffingwell
Editor, Road Scholars Magazine

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