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Almost Too Much Porsche – Rennsport Reunion VI

Thursday, September 27—WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca has been transformed into a one-marque Wunderland. Photomurals on fences and barriers portray Porsche’s 70-year racing history, and everywhere you turn you are greeted with the cars, the nomenclature, and the smiling faces of those who represent the marque. Welcome to Porsche-land.

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The 2018 Werks Reunion Monterey – California loves Porsches; Porsche loves California

California has been an important and lucrative market for Porsche ever since John von Neumann purchased a 356 in New York from Max Hoffmann in early 1951 and drove it across the country to his North Hollywood shop, Competition Motors. “I sold the first one and went back east and bought several more,” he is quoted as saying in Karl Ludvigsen’s Excellence Was Expected, “including a Le Mans racing coupe.”

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Shock and Awe – or Love at First Sight

There seems to be a consensus in the Porsche community that 356s and early 911s should be afforded a certain amount of respect in terms of presentation. So what do you make of an olive 1973 911S with neon-red cookie cutter wheels and a faux leopard skin-trimmed interior? Owner Jay Gould’s 911S

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Long Haul Porsche

Some people buy Porsches for their performance and some for prestige. Some buy Porsches as investments. And some people just drive them. John Hudson is

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