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A 356 on Mt. Equinox

Photographs by Sean Smith Tom Miller has been buying and selling cars since he was fifteen years old. He started with a few Mustangs, then

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Mecca at Monterey

Some travel to South Western France to visit Lourdes, some to Memphis Tennessee to visit Elvis Presley’s grave, some travel to the Black Rock desert in Nevada for Burning Man. But for the faithful of the cars from Zuffenhausen, they had to make their pilgrimage to Monterey county California and climb the hill to Weather Tech Raceway Laguna Seca for Rennsport VI and they did 81,550 strong.

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A Fork in the Road Part II

Joel can’t remember if it was his idea, or if a friend jokingly said “Why don’t you drive to your gigs!” It was the start of Something Big. An early GPS was purchased along with a 60GB iPod, both for ridiculous dollars. (These days, all that is in everyday smartphones.)  A few Rand McNally’s atlases to help with directions, a 12V fridge, some cymbals, sticks, tools, camping gear and clothes, and a radar detector.

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A Fork in the Road

Like many of us, Joel Rosenblatt got the car thing from his dad. Dad was mechanically inclined and he liked weird cars. Today, that’s way cool—but back then Joel just wanted to fit in. He wanted to be dropped off at school in a Chevy or a Ford, but his dad as rocking a Citroen DS19, then a DS21. There was Peugeot 404 and even (gasp) a Borgward Isabella. Luckily there were a

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Hero 912

When Porsche’s all-new 911 came on the scene, it was not just a replacement for the 356. It was a whole new car. The 911 was larger, more comfortable, more powerful, and way more money. At $5,500 it was a whopping $1,500 jump over a 356SC. Many 356 owners were not ready to take that jump. How was Porsche going to keep its customers happy until they wrapped their minds around the price on a new 911?

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Adriatic Blue Perfection

Stephen Grisanti grew up in an apartment in Mt. Vernon, NY. At the time, his experience with cars was limited to joyfully washing and waxing his dad’s Cadillac. He did a really good job. His dad got a kick out of young Stephen sliding off the highly Armoralled seats.   Stephen’s first transportation was his much-loved white “Ross Professional” bicycle, which shone just as brightly as his daddy’s Caddy.

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Rock ‘n Porsches

The music world is filled with a variety of personalities and characters and an endless spectrum of tastes and styles that might never come anywhere close to each other, but sometimes there is a common thread that creates a shared tone a universal note. It’s the scream of a Porsche engine. An 11-year old Jol Dantzig was at summer camp, one of the counselors had an electric guitar and amp. He had never seen anything like it before in his life. It was loud like the racecars he had seen at Sebring.

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Born in the PCA

When Spencer Cox was three years old, his father traded in his Facel Vega and came home with a shiny new 356, starting his son on a life long association with Porsches. While Dad was on track with the 356, Spencer was in the paddock playing with his toy cars, thinking some day “I’m going to be a race car driver and that 356

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RSR Recreated

This is how Richard Schickman started the RSR Project: A longtime devotee of the early 911s, especially the 1973 RSR, Richard was always drawn to

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