Buyer Beware


Fake PicAt Road Scholars we take pride in having the world’s finest vintage cars available.  We personally inspect every car, every time, and we have the most exhaustive research process in the industry.  When working with a reputable dealer, you should expect no less.

The world of fake classic cars is growing, and forgers are becoming more skilled at fooling prospective buyers. Don’t let the mistake of working with the wrong people ruin the joy of building your collection – let us help you do your research right the first time.

Here’s an excerpt from a recent Bloomberg article That $2.5 Million Classic Jaguar for Sale May Be a Fake:

In the 1930s, British sports-car maker MG made exactly 33 of the K3 open-top race car. If you want to buy one now, there are more than 100 to choose from.

No, the defunct carmaker didn’t restart production. The tripling of the K3 fleet is part of the booming trade in fake antique autos as soaring prices for classic cars spur sophisticated counterfeits, according to Bernhard Kaluza, vice president of international antique auto club FIVA.

“In the 1990s, I would find one faked car every five years,” said Norbert Schroeder, who verifies classic cars at TÜV Rheinland, a Cologne, Germany-based technical testing company. “Now I find up to five fakes a year.”


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