August Editor’s Note

This week signals the calm before the storm. The annual excitement at Monterey, Carmel, and Pebble Beach, California, returns, running Monday, the 14th of August through Sunday the 21st. There even are follow-on private events that extend into the week starting the 22nd!

Legacy Porsche 914

There are no garage queens or trailer princesses in Dixon, New Mexico, but you’ll more than likely see a few air-cool Porsches cruising around the mountain roads. And most likely, it will be Gary Smith, his wife Deborah, or their daughter Audrey who are driving them. What’s more, they’ll all have one thing in common: Gary has built them all in his home shop…

Born in the PCA

When Spencer Cox was three years old, his father traded in his Facel Vega and came home with a shiny new 356, starting his son on a life long association with Porsches. While Dad was on track with the 356, Spencer was in the paddock playing with his toy cars, thinking some day “I’m going to be a race car driver and that 356

Auction Results and Previews

At Monterey, there are more than 100 Porsches available from the five auction companies active that weekend. But that’s only the total as of ten days before the first hammer falls. In the meanwhile, there are sales to report from the U.K…