Something Old, Something New – December 2015

Carrera 2.7 – The Soul of the Legendary Carrera 2.7 RS Lives on Within the Carrera 2.7 MFI Ryan Snodgrass. 2015 Parabolica Press, Kirkland, WA. 406 pages. Slip case. (ISBN 978-0-9962682-8-8.) Ryan Snodgrass’s new Carrera 2.7 is the logical and meticulously researched follow-up to the Carrera RS history written by Drs Thomas Gruber and Georg […]

When is a Restoration Done?

Restorations are a lot like political campaigns. They don’t stop, they just run out of money. Both endeavors begin with great enthusiasm and wildly optimistic goals. Things go along nicely for a while and then you begin to realize you have a very high burn rate. You’re spending money faster than it’s coming in. Your […]

2015 HSR Classic 24 of Daytona: The Beautiful Secret

It’s tough to say which comes first…the vibration rising through the ground, up your legs, into your torso, rattling your brain…or is it the sound, simultaneously grinding, attacking, and seducing your eardrums with a cacophony of throaty, raspy whines, roars, and rumbles echoing through the Daytona International Speedway. You feel and hear it even before […]

December Editor’s Note

Thanksgiving has passed and we hope you survived not only that day but also Black Friday and the full, amazing sports weekend. With this, our December issue, we complete our first calendar year of publication and, including the post-Monterey auction special edition, we’ve given you 12 issues to get to know us and for us […]