Christmas Gifts to Yourself

With the gift-giving holidays just weeks away, it’s important to remember to give yourself something as well. Consider it your hard-earned reward for surviving the ever-so-exciting election year drama. What you’ll find here is good stuff to read – and hear! Porsche Sounds Dieter Landenberger and Jürgen Gassebner. English translation by Colin Brazier. 2015 earBOOKS/Porsche […]

Duemila Ruote – Two Thousand Wheels or… Happy Days are Here Again!

This started the way a lot of magnificent obsessions do: “There was this car.” That sentiment motivated Fritz and Hans Schlumpf, the French textile manufacturers who collected a few dozen Bugattis and then a few hundred other cars as well in the 1950s and 1960s. With financing and tax breaks from the French government to […]

New Year’s Thoughts

Well folks, the election is over and whew, what a ride. It doesn’t matter which party you voted for as half my friends are pissed and think the world is coming to an end and the other half are ready to “rock and roll.” Now that the election is over, what about the car market? […]

December Editor’s Note

My two-week research trip to Zuffenhausen delayed this issue. I apologize. I had hoped to finish the issue before I left – just before Thanksgiving – but the flu had other ideas and then Internet connections had still other influences. The talk throughout Porsche while I was there centered on the same two questions most […]

Porsche Time Capsule: Don Janssen’s 1950s European Adventure

When young Texan Don Janssen went off to war in spring of 1944, the fate of the world hung in the balance. Like so many young men of the era, he could never have guessed where his adventures would take him. Janssen landed in the second wave of the Normandy attack, fighting among the legendary […]

Upgrading The Handling of a Torsion Bar Porsche 911

Here’s a look at some of the things that make your 1964-1989 Porsche 911 handle better: Weight / Center of Gravity Nothing has more potential effect on how your 911 behaves under weight transfer than the weight of the car and its center of gravity. Anything you can do to take weight off the unsprung […]

Porsche Opens the Experience Center – Los Angeles

Just in time for the holidays – well, also for the Los Angeles International Auto Show (renamed AutoMobility for 2016) – Porsche has opened its second Experience Center in the U.S. It’s located in Carson, CA, about 20 minutes south of downtown LA (in ideal conditions) and roughly the same time and distance from Los […]