Editors Note: March 2018

I hope that by the time you see this March issue, a number of you who came to Los Angeles for the annual literature and swap meet – or Trash & Trinkets as a good friend calls it – you also will recognize the structure shown at the top of the page in this photo Randy Wells made on opening night. This is the Petersen Automotive Museum and it is home to The Porsche Effect. You’ll read about this exhibition inside this issue.

Hero 912

When Porsche’s all-new 911 came on the scene, it was not just a replacement for the 356. It was a whole new car. The 911 was larger, more comfortable, more powerful, and way more money. At $5,500 it was a whopping $1,500 jump over a 356SC. Many 356 owners were not ready to take that jump. How was Porsche going to keep its customers happy until they wrapped their minds around the price on a new 911?

THE PORSCHE EFFECT: After 70 Years, It’s Still Going Strong

Whether you live in L.A. or are contemplating a visit, there’s a special exhibit there that’s not to be missed. “The Porsche Effect” at the Petersen Automotive Museum along the city’s Miracle Mile will knock your socks off. Back in 2016, Petersen Vice Chairman Bruce Meyer suggested a comprehensive Porsche show to Wolfgang Porsche, the son of Ferry Porsche.

Auction Previews and Results : March 2018

Auctioneers around the Western Hemisphere continue to renew their faith in Porsche cars as a viable element for their auction catalogs. This list, comprising three auctions at Amelia Island, Florida, in early March, and three auctions in Paris, France, in early February, list 106 automobiles offered for sale at auction in the past 45 days, 73 at Amelia coming up, and 33 in Paris.