The Role of the Placeholder

Tis the season to plan strategy As your collection has grown, it’s likely your collecting plan has matured. Some vehicles have emerged as essential elements of what you are trying to put together, of what element of automotive history you want to study and explain to others. As you develop your critical list and scour […]

The Delivery

Every blue moon or so you get the opportunity to figure out what your meaning of life is! I was lucky enough to get that chance on March 3rd 2015. More than a year ago one of our great clients bought a paint-to-sample GT3 RS 4.0 from us but he had “no room at the […]

Something Old, Something New: May 2015

The Grand Prix Saboteurs By Joe Saward The subtitle for this fascinating book is “The Extraordinary Untold Story of The Grand Prix Drivers Who Became British Secret Agents In World War II.” It represents and presents an astonishing amount of research – 17 years of it – and delivers it nearly to the end in […]

New Leaf: Making a Fresh Start with a 1972 911T

Just a little more than 50K miles have registered on the speedometer of this Leaf Green 1972 911T. Yet, three years ago it was taken completely apart and refurbished to better than new condition. In the process, the pretty coupe was tastefully modified to provide a unique experience for the new owner. It looks stock, […]

Selling Your Car in Monterey?

Why do you want to sell your car at one of the Monterey auctions? Rick Cole, who organized the very first Monterey auction, points out that these auctions are probably not a good venue for the average collector. There are some large expenses involved with the Monterey auctions. Room prices during this week are at […]

May Editor’s Note

With the First of May just past, the late spring/summer driving season is on us. And while the most public – and most enthusiastically watched – early 2015 auctions have entered history books, houses such as RM-Sotheby’s (with one in Texas on May 2 and another at Lake Como in Italy on May 23), Bonhams […]