The Ingram Collection 356B Carrera Abarth GTL takes first in class at Villa d’Este

Surreal. A single adjective that encapsulates our first experience at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. The setting and selection of automobiles chosen for the event were truly unparalleled, and we certainly felt the pressure when it came time for judging. We were uncertain of what to expect, and truthfully, our expectations of receiving an award […]

Top Cars of 2021

We are extremely proud and grateful to be able to source, service, and preserve some of the most significant Porsche models in history for our clients. These are some of the most significant Porsches that we have placed in the hands of new caretakers, each representing a significant moment in Porsche history- whether that be […]

Four Cam Jam trailer

Our third Four Cam Jam in partnership with the Revs Institute is officially in the books. Four generations of competition cars- over 20 Porsche four-cam cars, modern GT cars, and a few special non-Porsche cars- came together to celebrate these incredible automobiles and their histories on the racetrack. For hours on end, these amazing machines […]

The Road To Pikes Peak: The Race to the Clouds

It’s an incredibly difficult task to attempt to describe the intensity of emotion on race day at Pikes Peak, let alone whittle down the 4,000+ images taken at the starting line to just a handful to support those words. The mountain has gravity and a power that can be felt as soon as you reach […]

Gasoline: The Good News, the Bad News, and the Ugly News

The gas tank in your collector car is a gasoline storage area. It’s a really bad storage area. If you would drive your car more often storage wouldn’t be an issue. That’s not going to change so we now have to figure how bad the gasoline in your car actually is. Gasoline is a highly […]

Jaroslav Vaclav Juhan – An old friend with stories

(13 October 1921 – 28 September 2011) “Larry!” The voice was strong and gravelly. It had a soft accent that assembled elements of Czech, Italian, Spanish, German and English in a gentle, aristocratic structure, recognizable from a recent telephone conversation. Jaroslov Juhan’s hand went up in the crowd. “How good to meet you after all […]

Tom Gloy’s Lean-To Treasure

Tom Gloy has a philosophy about collecting. “I only want a small collection,” he says. “I want to be able to drive them and I don’t have a large storage space. So I keep it to a limited number of cars, and I try to have the best…” By “the best,” he doesn’t always mean […]

Mr. Clean He Ain’t

My friend Jim Maxwell is a serious Cobra enthusiast; on his days off from his medical practice, he scours junkyards throughout the South in search of old Galaxies, Falcons and Fairlanes, then strips them of their obscure battery cables, radiator clamps and dash knobs so that his own two Cobras can be absolutely factory correct. […]