1953 Porsche 356 "Gesetzloser" The Ultimate Outlaw

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Cam and I don’t usually undertake Outlaw’s but we have made a special exception for the award winning “Gesetzloser.  After all, who couldn’t resist a turbo charged Bent Window coupe that produces 240hp on pump gas. Throw in some incredible craftsmanship, tasteful details and you have a recipe for something awfully special. It has won several concours events and been featured in several magazines (European Car and Excellence).

The quality and amount of work to create the Gesetzloser is truly impressive.  Excerpts from European Car:

“Suspension upgrades are just as extensive but the most notable are the boxed front spindles with sway bar attached. This prevents the common positive camber found on 356s during hard cornering. And this car was built for hard cornering, braking and acceleration. The motor is built for turbo and fuel injection with a special engine shroud and engine surrounds. The 911 fan shroud sort of gives it away that this mouse can indeed roar. And with 204 turbocharged hp sitting in the rear, its roar says it’s the king of the jungle. With a svelte curb weight of 1680 pounds, this ber-understated reincarnate has the same power-to-weight ratio as a 997.

A book can’t begin to describe the number of pricey but cool and subtle little mods on this Pre-A, like the top-mounted wipers modified from a VW Thing to resemble those of old racing 356s. Or the period-correct heated seats under the titanium roll bar. Or the titanium nerf bars.”

Complete spec sheets available upon request. This is a special opportunity to acquire a turnkey serious Outlaw!

1953 Porsche 356 #51608

* Engine
Flat four-cylinder, air-cooled

* Transmission
Four-speed manual

* Suspension
Front: Adjustable beam boxed steering arms, 19mill sway bar, adjustable Koni shocks, 5 leaf springs Rear: 30 mill torsion bar, Skirmants Camber compensator, adjustable Koni shocks on modified pick-ups

* Brakes
Custom Willwood assemblies, 12.5-in (fr), 10-in (r) rear, cross-drilled rotors with Porsche drilling pattern

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1953 Porsche 356 "Gesetzloser" The Ultimate Outlaw